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English Bull Terriers

English Bullies Information.

pug PupsEnglish Bull terriers also known as “Bullies” are famous for their “egg shaped head” and for being fun-loving, active, clownish and fearless dogs. They tend to be loyal, polite and become very much attached to their owners and will certainly defend its owner in a critical situation. These dogs love to be occupied and will fit in very well with active families.  These dogs must be shown leadership and young children should be taught how to display leadership towards the Bull terrier pet. They can definitely make excellent watch dogs.

English Bull terriers need frequent, brisk walks, occasional vigorous games of ball, and total immersion in the family, a lot of companionship and interactive play sessions. If ignored, Bull Terriers will become bored, and mischief will surely follow. These dogs should not be left alone for longs periods of time. As they become bored and will use your new shoes or furniture as chew toys.

Socializing is a very important part of your Bull terriers daily activities. Being around friendly loving people is a good idea so they learn to recognize normal behaviors of the “good guys.” Bull terriers definitely do not get along well with the same sex, but they get along wonderfully with a female companion.  Although Bull terriers are a great addition to any family, they are risky in the health department and may suffer from heart disease to kidney disease to eye disease to deafness.

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